Sustainable Lodging-Eco Hospedaje

Nuestro nuevo proyecto de no hacer ningun impacto con construcciones de material y a la vez una manera de reciclar : en 2017 un amigo quien es propietario de un famoso hotel en los Barriles me dono una lancha que usan para la pesca deportiva que mide aproximadamente 10 metros de larga y 4 de ancha , tiene un camarote bastante amplio para 3 personas y la acondicionamos con luz solar , WiFi , y comodas camas , lista para ti !!!

Our new eco project with 0 impact to protect our environment :
In 2017 a friend of mine owner of a well known Hotel in Los Barriles , gave me a 28 foot fishing boat witch I rig for a room to stay for 3 people sleeping confortable , it has solar system , WiFi ready for you !!

Author: cabopulmomarinepark

We are a small community based in Cabo Pulmo Marine Park in Baja California Sur , Mexico and we like to provide the best service trough our knowledge and experienced lived here since 1984 . we work for an Eco Village sustainability , we power on solar , and well water .

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